Why Social Media Marketing Important


A strong social media campaign is often what turns smaller businesses into movements. It is what can take medium businesses into the stratosphere. And it is what will allow solo entrepreneurs and service providers to find and connect with incredible clients.

What many people don’t realize, is that social media management should be at the heart of any good digital marketing campaign. That’s because it speaks to one of the most important features of the web: communication.

Many companies treat the internet as a means of broadcasting. They think of the internet as a mega horn that they can simply shout their message through.

But the truth is that the internet is a communication tool: it has more in common with a phone than it does a speaker! And it’s by communicating with your massive audience, that you can build the kind of engagement that simply wasn’t possible a few decades ago.

This is a strategy that businesses and influencers are only just starting to fully appreciate. This is a technique that the biggest and best companies are now using to propel themselves to new heights and to impact their audiences like never before.

That’s what Unshakable Agency can do for you: help you to not only reach a huge audience but also connect with those followers in a way that ensures you can have meaningful influence. When you understand this, things change.

How Businesses Create Movements

To understand how this works, it may help to consider an example.

Have you ever seen a small business come out of nowhere with a product and seemingly blow up overnight?

This is a rare feat but one that has nevertheless been accomplished by some select brands. And the key to that success is community.

You see, those businesses rarely actually came from nothing. More likely, the person behind the business will have begun making a name for themselves first on a forum, a subreddit, or perhaps a Facebook group or other social media community.

They will have made a name for themselves thereby contributing to the discussion, helping people with questions, and demonstrating their willingness to help as well as their knowledge and expertise.

From there, they will have gone on to talk about an idea they had for a product or a service. Perhaps they may have even recruited some of those people to their cause and hired them as key members of the team.

Now when the product or service was released under the brand name, they have a HUGE built-in base of support. Not only do thousands of people already know about them, but many of them already trust them and consider them to be important figures in the industry/niche/community. They will have made genuine friends in those forums and groups who want to see them succeed, and who therefore provide them with free promotion and free exposure. They share their links, they leave positive reviews, and they provide useful tips.

That passion and that excitement for the brand is palpable and it’s obvious to everyone who is not already a part of the movement, so they join up and they become part of that team.

This is such a powerful narrative because it turns those followers into important members of the team. They feel a part of the brand: they know the people responsible and they understand the value that it offers.

That such a brand would develop into a juggernaut is almost a foregone conclusion.

That is not necessarily your story. There is a high chance that you won’t promote yourself in the same way. Your business may already be established.

That was not the point of this example.

The point is to show you the power of community.

There are countless other ways you can tap into social media as a way to build an army of extremely engaged and loyal followers. These will be people who don’t just consume your content but contribute to the discussion. These will be people who are proud to wear your logo on their t-shirts, who engage in active discussion in forums, and who can’t wait to buy the next product that you promote.

What Can Unshakable Do For You?

At Unshakable Digital Agency, we will assess your current business and your message, and we will then find the best strategy to help your business have this kind of lasting impact.

We work closely with our clients to help tell their stories, build their community, and reach their audience. We will identify who your ideal “target persona” is, and we will develop your social media strategy to match.

Once we’ve settled on an approach that you feel reflects your values as a brand, we will then settle on the specifics of your campaign.

Unshakable can write your posts, create your images, and actively participate in the community. We understand what makes social media tick, and we know how to represent you in a way that is not only true to your brand, but also highly effective at increasing your followers, likes, and subscribers.

What’s more important still though, is that we build followers who are highly ENGAGED with your brand. Who read your posts, share them with other people, and buy your products.

The best part is that once we’ve developed your strategy, you don’t need to lift a finger: we handle the entire social media management process. We know that you didn’t get into business so that you could write Facebook posts. We know that you have more important things to attend to: such as running your business.

With Unshakable in your corner, you know that this is all being taken care of, and you can focus on doing what it is that you do best.

What’s more, is that our service is highly adaptable to the needs of our client. This is NOT just a service for huge businesses with bottomless pockets. No matter how big or small your ambitions, we’d be honored to help. And as we scale up, you’ll find you get a lot more revenue to feedback into your growing campaign.

Get in touch to learn more about Unshakable’s unstoppable social media management!

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