How To Create A Digital Signature?

In order to start signing the digital documents, users just need to get a digital certificate from a Certifying Authority so that the receiver can verify the identity of the signing entity.

At the time of digitally signing a document the sender uploads the document in the software, once the document is uploaded a one way cryptographic hash of the document is created which is encrypted with the private key of the sender. The document with the cryptographic hash is sent over the internet along with the public key.

The hash value is unique to the document that is hashed or encrypted and any changes in that document will lead to a changed hash value, this characteristic facilitates the validation of the data by the recipients.

Once received the recipient decrypts the hash with the sender’s public key and generates a cryptographic hash of the same document. Once decryption is done, the user compares or matches both the hash values

and if values match then it is proved that the data has not been tampered or stolen and is authentic.

The rise in data tampering incidents has caused a significant rise in the adoption and acceptance of digital signatures. Individuals and businesses have started adopting the method of digital signature and authentication due to their convenience, security, and time-saving capabilities.

It also helps in reducing the use of paper along with other expenses related to printer, copier, their maintenance, and the time people spend in managing that paperwork.

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