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If you are a local business owner/ brand owner/ organization then claiming and optimizing your Google My Business page is very important for your business. Doing this might allow searchers to locate your business online while neglecting this significant activity will impact your sales. Here might be an in-depth primer on everything about Google My Business listing.

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With proven Expertise in GMB optimization Listing. We Built Solution that Are highly secure, Transparent Yet scalable.

Why Does Your Business Need GMB Optimization Services?

When you’re a local business, you wish to make sure customers from the neighborhood are able to find

your business easily. The most effective way of doing this can be with Google My Business (GMB). Google My Business could be a free tool that permits users to search out and speak to local businesses.

Although there are many online local directories like Bing Map and Apple Map, GMB is that the most well-liked, accountable for driving 80% of local targeted traffic to neighborhood businesses.

We have seen many businesses confirm out of business because of lack of leads and revive in no time in any respect with the judicious use of Google My Business

(Google Map). If you’re not leveraging GMB, start today. If you’re already doing it, then this can be a decent time to step back and review the effectiveness of you strategy.

Unshakable GMB Review Process

We are local SEO specialists who can facilitate your review your GMB profile and advise you on whether it’s being leveraged properly. For this, we’ll need restricted access to your GMB account.

We follow few step process while reviewing an account:

  • We find out more about your industry, understand your business potential within the targeted area, and so compare the incoming volume of ends up in potential leads.
  • We verify whether you have got targeted all possible keywords and if yes,

evaluate their performance.

  • We see whether you have got completed your GMB profile and if not, what’s missing and devise the most effective strategies to complete them.
  • We provide advice on support Google Posts and other GMB features.
Best GMB listing Services

Unshakable Google My Business Service Packages


GMB Listing Creation

GMB Verification

GMB Listing Optimization

Geo Tagging

Q&A Submission


GMB Listing Creation

GMB Verification

GMB Listing Optimization

Geo Tagging

Q&A Submission

Review Management


GMB Listing Creation

GMB Verification

GMB Listing Optimization

Geo Tagging

Q&A Submission

Review Management

Video Submission

Unshakable Google Map SEO Process

We will optimize your Google My Business (Google Map)? You’ve come to the correct place! Our Google My Business Optimization Service experts will confirm that your business ranks within the three-pack listing employing a rigorous eight-step process:

  • Identifying keywords associated with your business.
  • Mapping out targeted local areas and making a combination of keywords.
  • Completing and optimizing your GMB profile.
  • Performing geofencing so you rank in those areas.
  • Adding images of your business.
  • Ensuring that your business contact details are consistent across local directories.
  • Performing link-building for GMB.
  • Embedding your map on the net site.

Why does one must come to us? Because we’ve got a 100% success record! we have got been successful in every Google Map Optimization project we have got undertaken. we are visiting to facilitate you optimize your website along with your GMB so searchers never miss your business.


What is Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business (GMB) may be a free tool offered by Google to enable business owners to list their business across all its platforms like Search and Maps. Registering your business on GMB enables you to be found online easily.

It also allows you to introduce your business to future customers through images, videos, questions and answers, and so on.

GMB serves a twin purpose. It allows business owners to inform customers about their business, and customers to be told about and vet

businesses through descriptions, reviews, and ratings.

GMB is significant for local businesses because it’s one of the most avenues to induce new leads and customers. a powerful GMB page

incorporates a good chance of appearing within the local listing or three-pack listing that may be seen on the primary page of a research result. Making it to the three-pack listing has the potential to extend your leads and conversion rate exponentially. let us do this for you!

GMB is a key marketing tool for local businesses to survive and excel within the digital world.

Do I have to pay for a Google listing?

No, you are doing not need to pay anything for a Google Business Listing. 

it’s absolutely free and might be optimized and managed by you at no extra cost.

But If you hire a GMB optimization service company then you may have to pay a particular monthly amount. Rates vary from thousands of dollars to many thousands of dollars.

Unshakable charges Rs.7000 per month for 20 keywords (per location) GMB optimization service

What is the process of GMB? optimization and local SEO   

Our 6-step GMB optimization process addresses your local SEO needs and helps you meet your business goals.

And increase new customer attention.

Here could be a brief overview of the process:

Filling your business description: Google loves information! We try to fill in as many details as possible on your GMB profile to confirm profile completeness so that its algorithms provide you with a decent ranking.

Getting your page verified: this is often a key part of GMB without which you can not proceed with the optimization of your page.

Adding Services: does one run a restaurant or a service-based business? we can facilitate your add your menu or list of services to form your page more informative.

Creating posts: Google Posts allows you to speak together with your customers by keeping them informed about events, new launches, discounts and offers, and so on. we’ll manage Google Posts for you so that your customers are always kept within the loop.

Getting reviews: Reviews and ratings are a crucial parameter for Google. we are going to facilitate your get more reviews for your business. Images and videos: The Google algorithm tends to favor businesses with images on their profile and promotes them in the order. we are going to facilitate your take high-quality photos and videos of your establishment to spice up you’re ranking and make your page more appealing to customers at the identical time.

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