Develop a successful e-learning portal for the US market

With a constantly growing e-learning market for educators and educationists who are benefiting from the latest technological implementations by utilizing the service of an on-demand e-learning portal. 

With the widespread use of the internet, the reach of accessible online education has broadened and allowed consumers to benefit from the innovative and constantly evolving services in bettering the eLearning portal.

As per reports in 2020 around 80% of college and school education worldwide has accommodated mobile-based e-learning platforms for providing the desired education requirements.

The market cap of the e-learning portal is estimated to grow from USD 200 billion in 2020 to USD 450 billion by 2025.

eLearning platforms classification

We bring you the classification of e-learning platforms that as per your requirements you can engage your students with the platform:

  • Online learning platforms: Develop a prominent online learning platform allowing users to establish any course they like independently. Serve content to users remotely and allow administrators to track progress. The content can be offered in form of videos, clips, PDF, and other suitable formats.
  • eLearning marketplace: Develop an Elearning marketplace that allows you to have certain added features on the online learning platform. Features such as live interaction, one-one classes are what gets added in an Elearning marketplace. To make it engaging you may include quizzes, gamification, and other resources as per need.
  • eLearning web conferencing software: Develop a specific web conferencing software that can be utilized to facilitate group learning allowing big masses of people to join & interact with learning activities.

Effective Integrations for an eLearning Portal

As per the requirements of your business, you can set up your e-learning module that comes with on-demand services that can be presented with streamlined media and interactive engagements. Some of the key features being live messaging, video conferencing, live sessions

To build a perfect B2B or a B2C online e-learning experience you need to work on some of the leading technology-based integrations:

  • LMS Integration

Learning Management System is valuable resources that allow you to efficiently manage your requirements based on informative content, email automation, user registration, secure payments also allowing you to track and list out the user progress.

  • Payment Integration

Integration of the payment system allows you to develop a more feasible platform that offers secure payment options for your users, with multiple channels for the transactions to take place that is automatically managed and applied to the ledger. Providing access to an integrated payment system will help your business be a step ahead of the competition.

  • Cloud Service Integration

Cloud integration helps you to develop a system that connects various repositories, applications, and systems for real-time access of the data and process to implement the availability of it on multiple devices over a network. Allowing you to accelerate your services and provide the users with the best-optimized cloud service integration.

  • Digital Media Authentication

With evolving digital media that have been putting forward some of the latest solutions for enhancing the on-demand e-learning experience for the users. It comes as an effective tool that is allowing the portals to establish their reach amongst a wider audience engagement. With this authentication, you are able to provide the feature to let the users connect with various social media channels to further their engagement.

Specifications for an engaging eLearning portal:

  • Analyze & Specify your target audience
  • Offer Engaging Content
  • Partner with good educators
  • Provide regular assessments
  • Well build an interactive platform
  • Quality and Resourceful implementation

Ready your best e-learning platform now:

E-Learning platforms are somewhat complex and require a good amount of attention before initiating the development process. As the user is looking for content thus it makes it relevant to put major emphasis on content development along with it comes the value of a good interactive interface that lets the user be more attracted towards your platform.

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